Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chris O'Donnell

What a stand up guy! Such a cutie too! Besides Paul Rudd, Chris O'Donnell is one of my favorite actors. Both a 40 years old but don't look a day over 30! Check out the cutest ever interview he gave to REDBOOK: At the REDBOOK photo shoot in Venice, CA, Chris O'Donnell has one kid hanging off each arm, one in his lap, another with her arms around his neck, and a fifth — yes, a fifth — tugging at his feet. And no nanny in sight. That's right: The former teen heartthrob has matured into the ultimate family man. After smaller roles in films like 1990's Men Don't Leave and 1991's Fried Green Tomatoes, Chris landed his breakout role opposite Al Pacino in 1992's Scent of a Woman, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. From there, his career took off: He romanced Minnie Driver in 1995's Circle of Friends, played Robin the Boy Wonder in Batman Forever, and was even offered the lead in 1997's Men in Black but turned it down to focus on his family. (The role ultimately went to Will Smith.) Now starring on CBS's latest addition to the hit NCIS franchise, NCIS: Los Angeles, Chris still manages to attend every one of his kids' weekend sporting events. His only regret: that his busy schedule means he can't coach their teams anymore.
And marriage and a family had always been important to you?
I knew when I got into this business I couldn't have it both ways: I could live the playboy lifestyle, which is not a bad thing to do, or have a traditional family life, which is how I grew up. And that was more important to me.

How did you and Caroline meet?
I lived in the same building as her brother Andrew. She came to visit and we had a little smooch. I knew there was something special about her from that moment, but we didn't see each other again for three years. One night I was out with Andrew and said, "What is that little sister of yours up to? Let's give her a call." So we did, and she was like, "Why are you calling me?" I didn't really know why, except that I had never forgotten her. And we started talking.... We dated for three years and got married when I was 26.

That's pretty young for a guy who's at the height of his fame.
I was in the right place earlier than I thought. I would think to myself, Could I imagine not marrying her? And there was just no way.

What is the glue of your marriage?
Our families have the same values and traditions, and I think that goes a long way, because when the excitement and heat of romance wears off, those are the things you fall back on.

Any Chevy Chase Vacation moments?
Once I was carrying Finley through security at an airport, and the guard said, "Let him walk through." Finn was sick, so I said, "Trust me, you don't want me to put him down." The minute I did, he projectile-vomited through the X-ray machine. I was like, "Hey, there you go." I used to try to be really low-key on airplanes, with my hat pulled down. Now I pre-announce to people around us, "I want to apologize in advance." When Chip was 3, as soon as we sat down, he said, "My dad was Robin in the Batman movie." I was like, "Oh, my God. How are you guys doing?" I give up.

What do you aspire to be as a dad?
I think it's easiest to teach by example. My dad didn't tell us to work hard; we just saw how hard he worked. I know I have shortcomings — like a short fuse — but I've learned you can't come home from a long day of work and snap at the kids. Caroline is really laid-back, so she's helped me with that. I'm lucky. I think we balance each other out.

So, the truth — do men like to cuddle?
I do! Some people aren't touchy-feely, but I grew up in a family where you'd walk into the family room and there'd be five people on the couch with an arm here, an arm there, everyone scratching and taking turns. I have to twist Caroline's arm to get a back scratch, but I've got my kids pretty well trained.

Ever have one of those moments where you look around at your life and say, "Ah, this is what it's all about"?
For sure. When I'm sitting in the backyard at the end of the day with a glass of wine, watching the kids having fun and clowning around, for me, that's what it's all about. I have my own worries and concerns and frustrations, but I'm doing something I love to do. My wife and kids are in good shape. What is there not to be happy about?
Chris's wife, Caroline, gives us the sweet truth about her hot (but squeamish!) husband.

Is there a difference between a "hot husband" and a hot dad?
He plays a vital role in our children's lives, and that's a big turn-on. The first time I met him, I watched him with his nieces and nephews and thought, He's going to be a great dad. It's what drew me to him in the beginning.

Did becoming a dad change Chris in any way?
It toughened him up. He's never been one to handle blood or injuries well. When we had our first baby, the midwife said to Chris, "She needs to start pushing, so grab a leg." Next thing I knew he'd fainted! For the next four [births] he stayed above my head with a can of beer in his hand.

What's his best dad talent?
He's the fun one in the family. He's also a lot less strict than I am: He'll bring home a package of Ho-Hos and try to show me the "vitamin category" on the back. I'll say, "There are no vitamins in that." And he'll say, "Yes, there are — look!"

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